*Disclaimer: None of this should be taken as financial advice. It is for educational purposes only.

I'm of the opinion that successful investing is not that difficult, and I hope to prove that with this blog and portfolio. And I think it boils down to a few core traits that are important in investing: time, nature, and knowledge.

Time being how long you are invested for (see compound growth); nature being your temperament, mental-coolness, that would enable you to not panic and sell; and knowledge being how well you know a company or industry.

But I do not in any way believe that you need to possess strengths in each of these areas: I propose you only need two. And I also propose that time is the most important area (again, see compound growth). If you can take advantage of time, by all means prioritize this. Getting started is what got me going, and that's all it took.

The next area is a toss up: I think you could be successful with either an appropriate nature or knowledge base equally. I personally lean towards nature - it doesn't faze me much when the entire portfolio drops 30%, and I expect it to be worse at some point, but I'm determined to stay invested.

I focus less on the knowledge area, and instead leverage other sources to achieve proficient knowledge. I feel that if I can identify sources of good knowledge, can fast-track me along with the other characteristics.

Therefore I'm using the advantages of time the most, starting my investment journey at 24. I then just focus on not selling, remembering it's "time in the market, not timing the market", and ride happily through all the ups and downs (cross my fingers for mostly ups). Lastly I leverage other sources (see the Great Filter) to supply my knowledge to enhance my investing experience.

What do you think about the portfolio? Any questions? Comments? Suggestions? I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please contact me if you feel so inclined!